Give Away Regulations

The HUB,SA is organizing a competition called GIVE AWAY BOAT TOUR, which will take place in accordance with the following conditions.

1. The purpose of this Give Away to be held on the WOTELS Instagram account is to promote the brand, our unit and to offer a voucher for 2 Boat Tour at Discover Tours, valid for the year 2024, and 15% discount on the stay, up to two nights, in WOT Lagos Montemar valid until the end of September 2024.

2. The GIVE AWAY BOAT TOUR pastime will take place between 27/09/23 from 4:00pm and ends on 04/10/23 at 11:59pm, continental Portugal.

3. Competitions' Recipients

3.1. This pastime is intended for all users who access the WOTELS Instagram account, residents of Portugal and who provide the data requested in accordance with this regulation.

3.2 The participation of persons under 18 years of age is subject to the signed authorization of their legal representative.

4. Rules for participation and operation

4.1 For participation to be valid, the participant must comply with all the rules of this pastime, which are explained below.

4.2. The participation in the GIVE AWAY BOAT TOUR pastime consists of following the WOTELS Instagram account (@wotels.wot) and account (@discover_tours), mentioning a person in the comments with the hashtag #wotboattour and sharing the post in the stories. You can participate as many times as you want, as long as the person mentioned is different.

4.3 By providing all data requested in this competition, the participant declares his/her full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions described in the rules of the page.

4.4. The winner will be announced by the marketing team of the HUB,SA Group, which will use an APP to draw the winner.

4.5. The participant may edit his or her comment in order to change it, and may do so until the close of the competition.

4.6. The comment must be made, exclusively, in the contest publication. Any participation sent by any other means will not be counted.

5. Disclosure and receipt of the prize(s)

5.1. The winning entry will be awarded with a voucher for two surf lessons and 15% discount on the stay, up to two nights, in WOT Lagos Montemar, valid until the end of September 2024.

5.2 The winning entry will be announced on WOTELS' Instagram on October 5th, 2023 in the stories and in the description of the post.

6. Processing of personal data

6.1 HUB,SA complies with the legislation in force on the protection of Personal Data, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter "GDPR").

6.2 The elements requested in article 4.2 of this Regulation are compulsory for participation in the Competition.

6.4 HUB,SA will not pass on information to third parties.

7. Unlawful Acts

7.1 HUB,SA will eliminate and report to Instagram any participants who commit illegal acts.

7.2 For the purposes of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the following constitute "unlawful acts", namely

a) Messages that appeal to racism, xenophobia, or any other type of discrimination or prejudice of any nature;

b) Messages of an offensive, violent or sexual nature;

c) Creation of routines or subroutines, by computer, that may distort the real nature of the hobby;

d) Defamation, insults, threats and/or abuse of the name and/or image of the page users and/or of the reputation and prestige of the brand and/or other industrial property rights;

e) Use of the site for political, religious or commercial purposes;

f) Posting repetitive and unconstructive messages;

g) Public order disturbances including, for example, spamming, sending unsolicited commercial letters or chain letters by private or public messages; presentation of illegal pages, flooding, among others.

8. Final considerations

8.1. HUB,SA reserves the right to suspend or amend, at any time, these regulations, whenever it deems necessary, the changes becoming effective after publication on the respective Instagram page.

8.2 The participation in this competition implies the acceptance by the participants of the terms and conditions foreseen in this regulation and the authorization given by each participant, with a view to the disclosure of his/her name as a winner.

8.3 Any infraction to the present regulation may lead to the non-awarding of the prize to the offender.

8.4 The prize(s) awarded are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

8.5 HUB,SA will not be held responsible for entries not received, not acknowledged or not received correctly or on time.

8.6 The HUB,SA shall not be liable for the impossibility of participating in the action due to network failures or errors, the impossibility/difficulty of access or unavailability of the application of the pastime on Instagram, or its compatibility with operating systems, computer programs used for internet access, respective terminal configurations and/or internet access capacity of the participants in the pastime or users of the application.

8.7 Although HUB,SA endeavors to ensure the greatest possible security when collecting the data requested, the Internet does not allow for security guarantees and, as such, we cannot guarantee complete security, running the risk of the data provided being viewed, used or altered by unauthorized third parties.

8.8 Any and all activities, even if attempted, that seek to obtain an advantage through acts that do not respect or distort the objective of the present action will be considered illegal, and the HUB,SA reserves the right to cancel and/or exclude the corresponding participants;

8.9 HUB,SA cannot be held responsible for any interruption of the Competition due to technical problems or problems which are beyond its control.

8.10. The rules contained in these regulations are intended to regulate the relationship between HUB,SA and the participants in this competition, without prejudice to the application of Instagram's own rules, namely the Terms and Conditions of Use and its Privacy Policy, which the participants must be familiar with and which are available on any Instagram page.

8.11. Any cases not covered by these regulations will be resolved by the HUB,SA and its decisions will not be subject to appeal.


Lisbon, September 27th, 2023

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